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Contact Us

P.O. Box 1510
1320 Yonge Street S.
(519) 881-1780
Walkerton, Ontario
(519) 370-2965
N0G 2V0
WDC Mail  [General Mailbox]

Sarah Slater, Principal ext. 527
Stephanie Bouchard,  Vice Principal ext. 525
Kevin Matheson, Vice Principal ext. 526

Dan Rourke ext. 529

Student Success
Michael Harris ext. 548

Adriene Mackenzie ext. 510
Trudy Fraser, Office Manager ext 521
Heather Middleton, Secondary Attendance ext. 522
Vicki Hodgins, Elementary Attendance ext. 523
Deb Marsdin, Office Professional
Michelle Mancell, Office Professional
Community Education:
For Community Use of Schools permits, Community Education programming including Beginner Driver Education, ESL, General Interest, Adult Credit and Summer School,please visit - Community Education or telephone
519-363-2014 or 1-800-661-7509 and ask to speak
with Kris Klages, Community Education Services Assistant.

Head Custodian:
Bill Elphick, Head Custodian

Terry Boyd-Zhang
(519) 881-8589
Educational Assistants:
Lea-Anne Roche
Sheila Elphick
Cherie Altman
Chris Knox
Anne Mullen
Alison Tatum
Dave West
Lori Williamson
Wendy Wilson
Tina Shepherd
Michelle Burnett
Laura Klages

Early Childhood Educators:
Carrie Stephenson
Pam Fischer
Bridget King


Last Modified: Dec 05, 2018
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